Dome of the Rock

It’s been a couple of weeks since we got back, but Jerusalem is the sort of place that seeps under your skin and doesn’t leave. We had dinner with our friend Jeff the other night, a man who has traveled far and wide, and all of us held a kind of reverie for the holy land.

Being a Christian, and on a pilgrimage, we spent the bulk of our time in churches and at places remembered as where Jesus walked or talked or prayed or scolded us for not clinging to our mother the way we ought to. And, believe me, those places were incredible. So moving that putting it to words feels, well, cheap. But one place that is not Christian – though claims a shared heritage in Mount Moriah – gutted me. The Dome of the Rock.

I remember in Art History class in the 12th grade, studying those elegant loops and vibrant blues and wishing I could see this mosque, knowing I probably never would. So to walk the Temple Mount was a privilege. A real privilege.


The first time I saw the Dome was from a distance on the Mount of Olives. It was Friday, so the haunting call to prayer was echoing over the valley filled with tombs, and I was standing where Jesus likened himself to a mother hen. I wrote to my Dad:

I know you remember me reading the writings of Rachel Corrie (you often refer to her as “the one who got bulldozed”). And there was so much I related to in her back in 2011 – her gumption, her heart, her seeking answers. But being here makes me understand more the pain and complexity in the conflict. It is so bad. And so deep. This land is just so sacred to so many people. I keep thinking about how in Christianity, we call each other “brothers and sisters.” (Or, if you’re at your progressive Baptist church, probably something deliciously gender-inclusive like “siblings in our Creator.”) And the thing is, Islam traces its roots back to Ishamel, the brother of Isaac, and also the son of Abraham. The Dome of the Rock (that big gold-topped building that dominates the Jerusalem skyline) is built over the rock where Jews and Christians believe Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac, and Muslims believe he went to sacrifice Ishamel. And we’re all tracing our roots back to two brothers who couldn’t get along because the father couldn’t decide who was the actual promised one. Families. I keep thinking about that, and the conflict, and how it is always the ones we love the most who can hurt so bad – whether by their doing or their leaving.



Garden Daze

Despite the midweek March snow we had in NC, the last fortnight had been packed with sparkling spring sunshine and photo shoots! Here are some of my favorites from the local gardens.










Double Feast Day!

Blessed Feast of Saint Gertrude (patron saint of cats, and the nutters who love them!) and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you all! Since Ireland and cats happen to be two of my most favorite things in the world, here are a few favorite snaps of both!




Talya is, without a doubt, one of the most colorful people I know. I say this with some authority as we met working as art teachers together! Her style and her ease are contagious.

We took a gallivant about town, and I got to say: Talya seriously inspired me to up my pink game in fashion. Those sunglasses!


Her pink heart sunglasses are just too perfect not to share on this Valentine’s Day.

Want new headshots? Let’s get in touch!

A Washington Duke Inn Wedding!


My friend Anna called me on Monday; she wanted to know if I was available for a last-minute booking for a definitely long-coming wedding. The answer, of course, was yes!




Amy and Ian had been together for years, using tourist visas to see one another – but they had decided it was time to tie the knot! With just some local family in attendance, they exchanged their vows, promising each other patience and kindness. It was a lovely ceremony to behold!


Thank you, Amy and Ian, for letting me be a small part of your big day! Best wishes!

Kochin’ for 3!

I definitely cried when Jen texted me asking if I’d take their pregnancy announcement photos. I’ve known these ladies as teachers, and then as friends, and in every stage of our friendship I have been genuinely moved by their love for each other.


These are two of the kindest, warmest, most courageous humans I know, and I am so excited they are going to be parents!! Here are a few snaps from our session in their front yard.

(They called the babe their “little dragon”!!)


They used a sign from their wedding for the announcing – because their last name is pronounced “cook” it sounds out like “cooking for two” – except now it will be three! And featured in these photos are their darling dogs, who are about to be big siblings.


Pastor Lads!


Graduation is just a few weeks away for these handsome fellas! I met all these guys around the time I started in Divinity School – Garrett in my spiritual formation group, Ross in a Spirituality Class where we’d become fast queer theology buds, and Brian first at my husband’s field education placement. I am so excited to see what ministry they will be doing – especially because all of them have such clear, compassionate ways of caring for their friends.

We were so thankful to the Church of the Advocate in Chapel Hill for allowing us to take a few headshots for these guys before they have their own parishes to run!




Best part of the shoot? The church cat stopping by to say hello!

(Admittedly, the focus is a bit off – I blame my uncontainable excitement over the cat!)

A Family Reunion!

Y’all remember Ashley and Josh’s sweet elopement in Duke Gardens? Well meet the rest of the family! Ashley asked if I’d be around Easter weekend (I was) because her whole family would be in town. Her mom’s dream, she said, was to take some portraits bearing t-shirts from their favorite restaurant.

Little did I know it would be the Salty Dog from Hilton Head, SC! (You may remember my mom is from Bluffton, SC, just over the bridge.) What a beautiful, interconnected world.


It was so tender to see four generations together!



To this beautiful family: thanks for letting me witness your love for each other and be a part of your family weekend!


Minoka’s Graduation Portraits!

It’s hard to believe it, but graduation is less than 100 days away for most university students! Minoka, one of the kindest and most genuine people I know, is getting ready to get her diploma from Duke Divinity School. To celebrate, we took a few pictures around campus!

She was SUCH a trooper meeting me, not only at sunrise, but even sported her beautiful smile in the pouring rain that swiftly ensued in the early morning!


If you’re interested in your own senior or graduation portraits, contact me for details! (Discount for graduate students!)

South Carolina


We went down to Bluffton for a funeral. It had been a decade since I’d seen Spanish Moss clinging to live oaks. The bluff on the river was the same, really; there were more houses across the water but the sun still caught in those grey tendrils on the branches, just like I remembered.

It was good, good to say goodbye like this with the water and the palm trees rustling.