My name is lizzie, and I like lower-casing my name, cats, re-reading Harry Potter, and having way too many creative projects going on at one time. I’ve lived all over the world  but have happily nestled into a semi-permanent address in my home state of North Carolina with my spouse, two cats, and a step-dog.

I first wielded a camera as a kid, snapping and developing black-and-white prints taken with my mom’s old Canon. Slowly, but relentlessly, it’s been a hobby that accumulated a few too many workshops to stay, well, just a hobby.

I fell in love with photographing love – couples, babies, animals, beloved homes, faraway places that steal your heart – because photography teaches me to see the beauty in anyone or anything on its own terms. I have a background in theology; in fact, my main gig is undergoing the ordination process in the Episcopal church. So I take the whole “created in the image of God” thing pretty seriously.

My love of theology infuses my creative life; I am always falling in love with the imperfect, quirky, colorful, and seemingly small ways that God is always revealing Herself in this brutal and beautiful world. Taking pictures is my way of focusing totally on one incandescent moment in time. I really believe that no work of art “captures” a moment, just like no metaphor or story can ever fully “capture” God. But art does break open the casing we put around God and each other.

This is all a probably-overdone way of me saying: I love to be present with love, and if you’d like, I would love to work with you!

As an amateur photographer, my rates are lower than market averages in the area. I work with LGBTQIA+ couples and families, people of all abilities, religious and non-religious ceremonies of any kind, and most especially with your hard-to-wrangle-but-incredibly-cute cats.

Want to make something beautiful together? Contact me here!